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Matt's Testimonial Story

Group posing after a Sober Sunday workout at Black Hove CrossFit

My testimonial journey to better mental and physical health started about 7 years ago.  My name is Matt, and I am in recovery.  I struggled for a long time to make sense of how to take care of myself.  A lack of support, direction, and community became my biggest downfall.  Through Chad and the Recovery RX family, I was able to gain these things and so much more.  When I was at my wits end, this family came to my side.  With their help, I was able to embrace that sense of belonging by doing what I love, physical training,  with like minded people. On top of that, they never asked for anything in return except my commitment to better myself and lift up those around me.  I owe my life to Recovery RX and I am happy to be a part of this community.   

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