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You want to grow? Get ready to feel uncomfortable.

Meredith Belger, Director of Operations for Recovery RX Corp

2022 was our biggest year yet, raising and spending $21,000 on sponsorships for those who came to us with the desire to get sober but needed some financial assistance for treatment and sober living. $21,000 helped nine people! Thanks to you! In fact, in each of our three years, we have grown a little more in dollars raised, people reached, and souls helped along the way in their sober journeys. This means we are on the right path!

This past year we were able to move me, Meredith, into a more dedicated role as Director of Operations. Chad and I took our first leap of faith in late 2021 for me to cut back my hours at my full-time job, in order to allow me more time to focus on Recovery RX. That move led to success, not only financially, but it also allowed us to add another layer of programming to our community workouts by adding yoga, we were able to focus more on outreach to individuals and facilities, allowed for more regular community workouts, and time to tighten up operationally, all while still surviving solely on volunteered time. This past year really demonstrated to us that with more dedicated time and attention paid to our mission, operations, and fundraising, we are poised for a major growth spurt… if we only had more time.

With last year in our rearview as reference, Chad and I recognize that surviving on volunteered hours whenever we had the time will only get us so far. So, it’s time to get uncomfortable, and see what growth feels like. Starting April 1, I will be Recovery RX’s first employee, well, still volunteer, but full-time, leaving the guarantee of a regular paycheck in order to lean in on what we are building. We are so excited for this uncomfortable feeling that we feel God calling us to leap into in order to conquer some big dreams this year. Events, fundraisers, grant writing, networking, presentations, and licenses, are all on my to-do list to get us to the ultimate goal of house shopping to open our first Recovery Living Home by the end of the year!

Dream big. Get uncomfortable. It’s all part of growth and we are exceedingly thankful to have all of you on our side. Stay tuned for big things. And as always, thank you for your continued generosity. 

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