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Who We Are and What We Do

Sober Sunday workout with some in fireman gear

Recovery RX Corp is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing health, fitness, support, and community to men and women in recovery through free group workouts and raising funds to provide financial assistance toward treatment, transitional housing, and gym memberships for those of us battling addiction and mental health issues.

We want to break down all barriers to recovery. 


Our WORKOUTS offer something for everyone, from beginner to advanced fitness levels. We offer group classes, including HIIT and yoga, to help rebuild bodies and build community. Best of all, our partners donate space and equipment, so all our classes are free. 

Our FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIPS program provides financial assistance for treatment, sober living, and gym memberships. You can start your recovery journey today with the support and resources you need.

We bring the gym, workouts, and community to everyone everywhere through Chad's online coaching program HARD LUCK ATHLETICS. He has created a program to not only help firefighters, police, and military service members, but also those who are just starting a fitness journey, or those who are in recovery from the damage drugs and alcohol do to the body. The workouts are innovative and challenging, but also absolutely achievable at every fitness level because we believe so strongly in the beneficial tie between exercise and recovery.


Help us spread the word. Share this newsletter. Follow and share us on socials. Talk about us to anyone who will listen. Buy and wear our shirts. Donate and share that you did. Create a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday. Let us come to your work or organization and present. And please reach out to us; we love to connect with you all.

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