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What is a Recovery Living Home?

Scars Under the Stars logo for fundraiser

The next step for Recovery RX includes our very own Recovery Living Home. A recovery living home is an alcohol and drug-free group home, which emphasizes 12-step groups and peer support for people who are transitioning from a rehab facility and attempting to remain sober while recovering from addiction and mental health issues. Tenants must abide by particular rules laid out by the organization and house manager. To help ease a person from rehab back into a normal flow of life, recovery living homes are vital to a person’s success in remaining sober. Destructive, unstable, non-sober living environments can easily derail someone’s recovery, even if a person is highly motivated.

Recovery RX’s first recovery living home will be located in St. Johns County. We will be poised to help those suffering from substance or process addictions, or a mental health crisis get reintegrated into society and the rhythms of life after addiction or crisis. Chad is in recovery himself and found transitional housing after inpatient rehab to be the key to helping him maintain his sobriety. He believes so strongly in the power that transitional housing can re-instill in those who live there, that he feels called to create the same atmosphere for other recovering addicts and those who have suffered a mental health crisis.

Presently, we send sponsees to a handful of sober living places that we have developed relationships with around Florida. This constitutes 73% of our annual budget. Having our own home will allow donors to see first-hand where their contributions are going and the lives that are being changed. It will also keep funds raised “in-house”, creating less strain on budgets, the sponsees, and staff.

We are having a fundraising event called Scars Under the Stars on Thursday, September 14th to raise $250,000 for our home. We already have $50,000 pledged in matching funds and a van donated! Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available today. Join us for an evening of fun, celebrating recovery and taking the first steps to helping so many in the future regain control of their lives. Keep scrolling down for more information on the event and how to by your tickets today.

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