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Update from Chad: Comeback Recovery Homes is Under Way!

Updated: 6 days ago

As you have probably seen, we are making great progress in getting our property cleared for our first Comeback Recovery Home in St. Johns County. This process is the culmination of the hard work and generosity of our entire community. We have been continually lifted up by our supporters and donors and the friends of the program. We have had many hurdles, getting to this point in our five-year plan, and our team has worked hundreds of hours and had many sleepless nights along the way.

Our goal of serving St. Johns County is coming to reality, and it's only the beginning for us. We are heading into the busy part of the year, and we get so much confidence and security, knowing that we have so many supporters that are following along on our journey and cheering us on.

Love you guys,

Chad B.

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