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Healthy and Connected

We know we need food, water, and shelter to survive. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs takes it a step further by also naming connection, or a sense of love and belonging, for survival as well. Making connections can boost the mood, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem; things crucial in early recovery and for maintaining sobriety.  

Active addiction is so lonely and isolating. Use of substances only further the isolation as dependency grows and relationships become damaged. Most recovery programs recognize that after initial detox, connections with safe, supportive, reliable, empathetic people are crucial, and begin encouraging that step immediately. These safe and supportive people are often found in the recovery community; those who have been there and can talk from a sense of knowing exactly what you’re going through.

With Recovery RX, we recognize this need to connect. That’s why our Sober Saturday and Sober Sunday workouts are free and open to those in recovery and those who want to support. We want anyone who needs to feel connection and community to not have any barrier to joining. I always say: “Come for the sweat, or just the community.” Once we have our own gym space that will help support Recovery RX’s mission, we will continue to offer free workouts to men and women in recovery. We can’t wait to share this sober community with you all.

One of our group workout gatherings at CrossFit 904 in Jacksonville FL

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