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A word from Chad...

Updated: Mar 23

Chad hugging a workout attendee

It is an incredible time of growth and service for the team at Recovery RX. We have sponsored several new men and women over the last several months. Thanks to a very generous donation we received recently from the family of a former sponsee, we are prepared to sponsor several more. We are making great progress in the construction of our home gym, which we could not have done without the work of one of our biggest volunteer supporters, Maria Adorno. In the meantime, until we have walls built, we have reinstituted monthly community workouts around the St. Johns and Duval areas.

Our team has recently grown by one with the addition of Stephanie Cornelius. Stephanie has taken over several duties including outreach at UNF and other organizations and marketing. Possibly the most exciting thing is that our Director of Operations Meredith B. has completed her yoga teacher certification and will be bringing challenging and restorative yoga flows to our free offerings.

As always, we are humbled and grateful by the outpouring of support we receive daily. Now more than ever our community needs programs like ours. It is only through your generosity that we are able to continue doing the work we have been led to do. 

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