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Runners starting a run for the 4x4x48 event

Wow! Has it been a busy few months for us! A hugely successful fundraiser raising over $140,000 for our first sober living home, followed by research, licensing, and house hunting as a result; another fun and successful workout event that covered a span of 48 hours and raised nearly $4000 for our general operating budget, calls and emails with current and prospective community partners for future endeavors, shepherding and sponsoring five people and their family members in their beginnings of recovery, board meetings, and grant writing has all kept us moving.

It’s been a lot, but oh so rewarding. Chad and I are amazed at every turn for the support we receive and that so often comes from some surprising places. So, we, on this Thanksgiving week, just wanted to offer a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has been in our corner cheering us on, donating, sweating, and sharing. We truly cannot do this without the community that has rallied around us, and we won’t ever stop.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Chad and Meredith

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