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Hard Luck Athletics

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Led by Chad, a former Army Ranger turned firefighter, and pulling from his 20 years as a tactical athlete and coach, he has created a program to not only help firefighters, cops, and military service members, but also those who are just starting a fitness journey, or those who are in recovery from the damage drugs and alcohol do to the body.  We craft our workouts to not only build your physique, but also to prepare you for life's challenges - whether in the gym or out in the field. 

Chad Belger

Welcome to Hard Luck Athletics, where fitness meets purpose, and strength embodies resilience.


We bring the gym, workouts, and community to everyone everywhere through Chad's coaching program. It's more than just a personal training program, it's a haven for those seeking more than a typical workout. We are built on an ethos of persistence, discipline, and unwavering commitment, forged in the fires of experience and service.

Our app-based platform is unique from other workout apps, in that it connects you to a dynamic realm of exclusive workouts, nutrition plans, and a supportive network of like-minded individuals. We believe in optimizing your physical readiness while fostering a mindset of mental fortitude and well-being. The workouts are innovative and challenging, but also absolutely achievable at every fitness level because we believe so strongly in the beneficial tie between exercise and recovery.

Our mission at Hard Luck goes beyond fitness alone. With each stride towards personal improvement, you contribute to a larger cause. Hard Luck serves as a pillar of financial support for Recovery RX. 100% of your dollars spent training, goes to helping those who are just beginning their recovery from addiction and mental health crisis. 

You're not just investing in your fitness; you're a part of a movement - fueling hope, empowerment, and recovery for those in need. 

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