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“I wish I could give more.” –We hear that a lot.

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We are so appreciative of our donors and your gifts of all sizes. We could not have helped 18 people on their journey to sobriety without you. And the truth is, there is a way to increase the size of your donations – spread them out over the course of the year by setting up a recurring gift.

As someone who regularly gives to charities (including this one), I was shocked when I first learned about recurring giving impacts on a charity. What a simple solution that allowed me to make an impact closer to what my heart really wanted me to give! We have made it super simple for you, our faithful Recovery RX Tribe, to do the same. Clicking this link will take you to our giving page where you can set up an amount and frequency that both fits your budget and makes your heart smile.

So, why is a recurring gift a desirable thing for a charity? I’m glad you asked. It allows us to forecast our budgets easier, because we have that regular income we can count on. It helps to ensure we always have funds on hand the moment someone comes to us with the desire to make the most important decision in their lives. And it helps you, our donors, our Tribe, make a greater impact than you could have imagined. Thank you!


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