Recovery RX Newsletter - 5/20/22


Champion's Spotlight, Ep. 7 -
Chad Belger, Founder of Recovery RX

In Episode 7 we talk with Chad Belger, a 16 year veteran of the Gainesville Fire Department, and a recovering alcoholic, who has found a new path and mission in life to help those who struggle with addiction. He is the founder of Recovery RX, a charity dedicated to bringing health and wellness to men and women in recovery from substance abuse through providing a safe and free workout every Sunday, here in Jacksonville, FL. To donate to Recovery RX, please visit their IG @RecoveryRX_corp or through Venmo @RecoveryRX.

August 3, 2020

Behind The Shield Podcast, Ep. 326


Chad Belger is a firefighter, military veteran and the founder of Recovery RX.

We discuss the power of sobriety, mental health during the pandemic, the healing power of exercise, finding your tribe and much more.

June 30, 2020

Behind The Shield Podcast, EP. 164


Chad is an Army veteran, firefighter, and smoke diver. We discuss how addiction cost him relationships, a dream career in special operations and almost his life.

Chad is now a year sober and courageously talks about this topic, which has been stigmatized for years.

Do not miss this one!

January 8, 2019