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Who We Are

Recovery RX Corp is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing health, fitness, and community to men and women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

We host group workouts for people in recovery and those who want to support; building community and celebrating all that sobriety can bring to life.


During our workouts and fundraisers, we raise money to support treatment, sober living, and gym memberships for those of us battling addiction. To date we have supported 35 men and women, spending over $55,000 doing so.

Shame dies when we tell our stories in public places. 

Recovery RX
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Chad Belger

I’m Chad and I’ve been an alcoholic since I was 13 years old. I’ve spent the majority of my life not giving a shit if I lived or died. One night a little over 5 years ago I had a bottle of pills in my hand and enough booze already in my system to make sure that I wouldn’t wake up the next day. At that moment when I was as low as I had ever been, sick of suffering and being miserable, my Higher Power changed my heart. At that moment, I decided to try one more time to get sober. I was finally desperate and surrendered to the fact that I was a hopeless alcoholic. I went to treatment, found a support group and another man I admire, to help me through the process.

Since that day, I’ve dedicated myself to being my absolute best and helping other men and women find the peace that I have found. I’m finally the Man, Husband, Coach and Firefighter that I longed to be my entire adult life.

I am the founder of Recovery RX Corp. We are dedicated to helping men and women in recovery find peace. I recently married the love of my life and I’ve never experienced more love and friendship than I currently enjoy.

The promises are real.  


Chad is an Army veteran, firefighter of 20 years, fire instructor, CrossFit coach, and founder of Recovery RX, his latest passion project. He founded the charity with the goal of bringing addicts in recovery together with free workouts. Recovery RX, through donations, also helps those who are ready to take steps to getting sober by helping cover some of the costs of treatment. Chad found that a big part of him reaching sobriety was with the time and tribe he found in the gym. His dedication to helping others through their own struggles with addiction has become his life's work. He is an open book to anyone who asks because he hopes his experiences can help get someone on the track to regaining control of their own life.

Real People.

Real Passion.

For me, Recovery RX captures in an hour, the essence of what have been some of the most meaningful events of my life, whether in AA or on sports teams, and that is fellowship. 

RecoveryRX is about working together as a team, sharing pain and triumphs and achievements. 

It's not about the results; it's about the effort and showing up and sharing.

-Russ F.

To meet a group of strangers that welcome you without a trace of judgement is of immeasureable value. Recovery RX gave me an immediate sense of community that made me feel seen, accepted and loved. It is a space that fosters respect, personal growth, connection, support, authenticity, and so much more.

Sweating together through (typically brutal) work outs grounds me in gratitude for all my body is capable of and reminds me how much more I can accomplish with a brother or sister by my side.

Recovery RX is a tribe bound by one powerful common goal of ending the suffering of addiction. As someone with strong tendencies to isolate, I found a family that draws me out of my comfort zone by creating a safe place to show up just as I am. Getting stronger, healthier, faster and fitter just happens to be an added bonus.

-Erika K

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